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Tennisform provides a news ticker service to keep subscribers up to date with all the latest tennis information, including match reports, injury news and player quotes.

The aim of the service is to save research time for tennis bettors by bringing together as much of the relevant information as possible to be viewed in one place.

Our researchers watch countless hours of tennis as well as monitoring online news websites (incl. foreign language), player websites, player blogs, social media, post-match interviews, tennis forums and tournament websites with a view to highlighting any useful betting information.

The service suits tennis bettors who don't have the necessary time to put in the hours of research required to stay ahead of the bookmakers and fellow punters.

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ATP tennis writer/researcher required

The job:

    To watch ATP tennis matches and produce short, but concise match reports, highlighting any match-up observations, tactical insight or injury news.

    To monitor tennis media, including social media and tennis forums with a view to finding useful information, including player quotes, injury news and form indicators.


    English should be your first language.

    Your written English must be of a decent standard.

    A good knowledge of the players and an understanding of match-ups is important.

    A good understanding of the betting markets isn't essential, though would be beneficial.

    A willingness and ability to dig deep and find useful information of value to bookmakers and bettors.

Who it suits:

    Given the relentless nature of the Tour, it is quite a time-consuming endeavour, particularly searching for player quotes, so somebody who has the time to watch plenty of matches and leave no stone unturned in the pursuit for valuable information.


    You would be expected to cover one full tournament each week, with payment ranging from 4.50/match to 5.75/match depending on the level of the tournament.

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