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Tennisform offers a ticker service to keep punters up to date of all the latest tennis information, including injury news, relevant betting information and player quotes.

The aim of the service is to save research time for tennis bettors by bringing together as much relevant tennis betting information as possible to be viewed in one place. Our researchers closely monitor online news websites [incl. foreign language], player websites, player blogs, post-match interviews, tennis forums and tournament websites with a view to finding useful betting information.

*** Ticker archive: 2011 - 2012 ***

The ticker works as a useful starting point before attempting to accurately price up tennis matches. It's a time saver and brings together all the relevant information for easier viewing, meaning that the user spends less time trawling the internet for information which could be vital to the outcome of a match. Click the Demo link above to test the service. The information on the "Demo ticker" is not updated daily like the "live ticker" is.

The service suits tennis bettors who don't have the necessary time to put in the hours of research required to stay ahead of the bookmakers and fellow punters.

Sign up for access to the ticker by clicking one of the Paypal or Moneybookers' links below. Should you require any further information, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

SCREENSHOT: The ticker is updated throughout the day...

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Terms & Conditions

Logging into the service with the same login details from different IP addresses will result in the user being kicked out and unable to log back in until the account has been reset.

Redistribution of Ticker content is prohibited and will result in account closure. And no refunds on subscriptions paid will be offered.

Multiple logins can be requested but must be manually set up by tennisform. Subscription costs will however be more expensive.

While every effort is made to ensure all information posted is correct, Tennisform will not be held accountable for false data.

There is no guarantee of the amount of information that will be posted each day or week.

Randomly selected extracts from the service may be posted at anytime on the Tennisform website to be accessed by non-members.

The information and analysis from previous weeks may be published on the Tennisform website to be accessed by non-members.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change and revision at any time by Tennisform without prior notice.

No refunds will be offered. If, due to circumstances beyond our control the service is unable to be provided for a period of time, Tennisform will attempt to extend the membership to cover any time lost.

Tennisform will not be held accountable for monies lost due to information posted.

All members of the Tennisform Ticker service shall be deemed to be acquainted with these Terms and Conditions and to have agreed to be bound thereby.

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