Games per Set (GPS)

The table below displays the average number of games played in a set at each individual tournament (1997-2007).

Court speeds
The ITF do categorize surfaces, category 1 (slow), category 2 (medium/medium fast) and category 3 (fast), though the time of day, weather, temperature and type of ball being used all have a bearing on how fast the courts play.
A useful way to gauge court speeds is how many games are played in the average set (Based on the theory that the quicker the surface then the harder it is to break serve, thus resulting in more games per set).

The figure has been reached by dividing the total number of games played by the total number of sets played, dating back to 1997.

TournamentSurfacevSurface TypeGPS
1Toronto TMSOutdoor hardDecoturf 29.932
2SeoulOutdoor hard 9.898
3Cincinatti TMSOutdoor hardDecoturf 29.897
4SydneyOutdoor hardRebound Ace (1997-2007)9.849
5IndianapolisOutdoor hardDecoturf 29.835
6ShanghaiOutdoor hardDecoturf 29.825
7Montreal TMSOutdoor hardDecoturf 29.816
8WashingtonOutdoor hardDecoturf 29.803
9Delray BeachOutdoor hardPlexipave9.777
10New HavenOutdoor hardDecoturf 29.769
11TokyoOutdoor hardDecoturf 29.755
12DubaiOutdoor hardDecoturf 29.729
13Australian Open Outdoor hardPlexicushion (2008)9.721
14SydneyOutdoor hardPlexicushion (2008)9.721
15US Open Outdoor hardDecoturf 29.72
16BeijingOutdoor hardPlexipave9.715
17Indian Wells TMSOutdoor hardPlexipave9.735
18Miami TMSOutdoor hardDecoturf 29.705
19ScottsdaleOutdoor hardPlexiPave9.689
20MumbaiOutdoor hardPlexipave9.687
21Hong KongOutdoor hardRebound Synpave9.686
22Long IslandOutdoor hardDecoturf 29.683
23Australian Open Outdoor hardRebound Ace (1997-2007)9.65
24AucklandOutdoor hardRebound Ace9.587
25ChennaiOutdoor hardPlaypave9.587
26AdelaideOutdoor hardRebound Ace (1997-2007)9.578
27OsakaOutdoor hard 9.556
28DohaOutdoor hardRebound Ace9.535
29Las VegasOutdoor hardPlexipave (Altitude)9.606
30Los AngelesOutdoor hardPlexipave9.32
31AdelaideOutdoor hardPlexicushion (2008)10.015
32MetzIndoor hardGreenset9.986
33Madrid TMSIndoor hardGreenset9.981
34MarseilleIndoor hardGreenset 9.976
35BaselIndoor hardGreenset (changed '07)9.919
36BangkokIndoor hardGreenset9.857
37StockholmIndoor hardPlexipave9.818
38SingaporeIndoor hardGreenset9.773
39San JoseIndoor hardPremier court9.751
40CopenhagenIndoor hardGreenset9.672
41ShanghaiIndoor hardGreenset9.648
42Ho Chi MinhIndoor hardGreenset10.343
43ZagrebIndoor hardTaraflex Tournoi10.142
44RotterdamIndoor hardGreenset10.161
45Paris TMSIndoor hardGerflor (Changed in '07)10.1
46MemphisIndoor hardPlexipave10.054
47LyonIndoor carpetTaraflex9.995
48Kuala LumperIndoor Carpet 9.916
49ViennaIndoor carpetOpticourt9.864
50MoscowIndoor carpetTaraflex9.828
51St PetersburgIndoor carpetTaraflex9.748
52MilanIndoor carpetPlayIt10.131
53Stuttgart TMSInddoor HardGreenset Trophy9.585
54HertogenboschGrass 9.896
55NewportGrass 9.816
56NottinghamGrass 10.042
57HalleGrass 10.041
58Wimbledon Grass 10.032
59QueensGrass 10.016
62DusseldorfClay 9.803
64BarcelonaClay 9.735
65AmsterdamClay 9.724
67MallorcaClay 9.603
68Buenos AiresClay 9.587
70StuttgartClay 9.584
71St PoeltenClay 9.579
72French Open Clay 9.562
74PortschachClay 9.539
75Rome TMSClay 9.529
76AmersfoortClay 9.526
77CasablancaClay 9.522
78SopotClay 9.51
79Hamburg TMSClay 9.509
80HoustonClay 9.524
81ValenciaClay 9.576
82Vina del MarClay 9.449
83PalermoClay 9.416
84EstorilClay 9.407
85BrasilClay 9.385
86River OaksClay 9.52
87BucharestClay 9.384
88Monte Carlo TMSClay 9.381
89UmagClay 9.364
90BastadClay 9.282
91AcapulcoClay 9.686

Extended fifth sets in GS events have been recorded as thirteen games so not to distort the figures. All figures include completed main draw ATP matches only!

Caution is advised for tournaments where only a small sample size has been used. All figures include completed main draw ATP matches dating back to 1997!

Tournament surface speeds can vary from court to court and from year to year!

These figures are meant as a guide only!